Mastigostyla moqueguensis (Tigridieae: Iridaceae), a new species from southern Peru

  • Hibert Huaylla Herbarium Moqueguensis, Universidad Nacional de Moquegua, Calle Ancasch s/n, Moquegua, Perú
  • Olimpia Llalla Red de investigadores latinoamericanos "Kuelap" Universidad Nacional Toribio Rodríguez de Mendoza de Amazonas, Chachapoyas, Amazonas, Perú
  • Arnold Manchego Escuela profesional de Ingeniería Agroindustrial, Universidad Nacional de Moquegua, Moquegua, Perú
Palabras clave: Andes, endemism, Mastigostyla, Moquegua


A new species, Mastigostyla moqueguensis Huaylla & Llalla, is described from the Andes of Moquegua in southern Peru. Mastigostyla, which belongs to the tribe Tigridieae, is widely distributed in the Puna and Andean dry valleys of southern Peru and central Bolivia. The new species can be recognized by its ovate-lanceolate, acute inner tepals with glands at the base. It shows some affnity with M. torotoroensis because of the fliform, bifid style arms with apical stigmas. We present photographs and a table highlighting differences between the new specie and some similar species.


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Huaylla, H., Llalla, O., & Manchego, A. (2022). Mastigostyla moqueguensis (Tigridieae: Iridaceae), a new species from southern Peru. Q’EUÑA, 13(1), 7-13.
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